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Which among the following temples does not belong to the Chola Empire?

[ A ]    Brihadishwara
[ B ]    Koranganatha
[ C ]    Kailashanatha right
[ D ]    Airavateshwar
Answer : Option C
Explanation :
Temple Architecture of Cholas:

Brihadishwara Temple of Tanjore was built by Rajaraja Chola-I.

Koranganatha Temple,Srinivasanallur was built by Parantaka Chola-I.

Airavateshwar Temple, Darasuram was built by Rajaraja Chola II, Chola-I.

Kailashanatha Temple, Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) was built by Pallava King, Narsimhamvarman. Kailasanatha Temple of Ellora was built by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I.
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